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Your cataract surgery doesn't just start in the operating room, it starts in the pre-operative area.  After the check in process is complete, one of our highly skilled nurses will come and get you from the lobby.  From there you will go into a private bay that is yours for the duration of your stay.  You and the nurse will work together as a team to complete the pre-admission paperwork and answer any questions that you may have regarding your surgery.  Your surgeon will come in and involve you in marking the correct eye, then numbing drops will be placed into your eye.  You will receive dilating drops to prepare your  pupil for surgery.  Once your pupil has dilated, our anesthesia provider will come talk with you about the next step in your preparation for surgery.  The anesthesia provider will discuss with you the anesthetic option your surgeon has chosen for your surgery and that you will be awake for the entire procedure.  The anesthesia that is offered for cataract surgery may be different from what you would be expecting for a surgery.  


At this facility there are 2 options that our surgeons use for cataract surgery. 

​Option 1: A Peribulbar Block- this is an injection into the eye orbit that numbs your entire eye.  With this you will be given a small amount of sedation that lasts less than 5 minutes.  You will be awake when you go into the operating room, however you may be a bit groggy.

Option 2: Topical Anesthetic- Drops will be placed in your eye to numb your eye and you will be fully awake.  You will go into the operating room and will be given a sedative to help you relax, this will not put you to sleep, but you may feel a bit groggy.


Once you are in the operating room, you will be introduced to your team and the entire room will go over what you are having done.  The surgeon will lie the bed flat and put you in the best position for surgery.  Your eye will be cleaned and a drape will be placed over your eye.  A tent will be created with oxygen blowing to help keep you comfortable.  Your surgeon will start the procedure, you will be able to hear your surgeon throughout your procedure.  Your surgeon may also ask for your help during surgery, such as moving your chin up or down.  You will hear the musical noises made by the machine that removes the cataract.  You will be in the operating room less than 30 minutes most of the time.  Reminder surgery is unpredictable and some cases may vary on the length of time.  It is imperative that you hold as still as you can during the surgery, the surgeon may remind you of this during your procedure.


When surgery is finished a patch will be placed on your eye, the bed will be brought back up to a sitting position and you will return to the pre-operative area.


A beverage will be offered to you upon arriving back in your private bay.  Your IV will be taken out and you are ready to go home.

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