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Our surgery center houses the most capable and personable of Ophthalmologists who are ready to perform any number of procedures: be it for common eye problems, or more complex corrections. Our Specialists tailor their exceptional care to fully meet your needs, from early diagnostics all the way through post-operative care.
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Our expert Physicians engage in treatments that cover all areas of orthopedic concern: the spine, hips, knees, feet and ankles, shoulders, as well as hands and elbows. Exceptional care is rendered to such problematic areas as Arthritis, Herniated Discs, Neck and Back Pain, Pinched Nerves, Fractures, Joint Replacement, Sports Related Injuries, and much more.



Plastic Surgery

Columbia Gorge Surgery Center offers an exceptional level of convenience and comfort in surgery. During a brief stay with us, patients find the highest quality of care rendered by a concerned, expertly trained staff. In addition we have warm, friendly surroundings, easy access, ample parking and a degree of personal attention unlike that available in a hospital environment.

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